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One on One, or in a Group,
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You can benefit from Semi-Private or Private instruction to enhance your learning experience.

Sneak-A-Peek Program:
The "Sneak-A-Peek" program is designed to give the individual or couple that is interested in being introduced to dance inexpensively. The tuition for this program is $216.00 and includes the following:

4 45 Minute Private Lessons

*New Students Only Please *30 Day Program

Phone #
Particpant's Name

One & Only Program:
The "One & Only Program" is designed to enable the average individual or couple to choose a dance from the school syllabus and to learn to dance that dance at an above average skill level. The tuition for this program is $324.00 and includes the following:

4 45 Minute Private Lessons
Phone #

Wedding Program:
The "Wedding Program" can include just the couple to be married or the entire wedding party. Let us make your first dance together the most romantic wonderful experience of your life. We can arrange and choreograph a very simple waltz... to the dance of your dreams. However, if you would like everyone to share in the experience bring in the whole wedding party (eight or less) and let the wedding fun begin with everyone enjoying themselves. The tuition for this program is $459.00 and includes the following:

6 45 Minute Private Lessons
Phone #

Tailored Program:
A program can be tailored to fit your needs. Whether you are just wanting private instruction or a combination of private or semi-private instruction. We tailor programs that are three to nine months in duration. When enrolling on a 3, 6, or 9 month program, volume discounts are received as an appreciation for your commitment. Let Dion tailor a program to suit your goal, schedule and budget today.

Private Lessons :
Private lessons are for the person or couple who either have a very specific goal or a very short time to accomplish their required dances. Private sessions are necessary for the technical requirements of partnership dancing.

Semi - Private Lessons :
Semi-Private lessons are available for up to 8 students and they allow for your choice of dance styles. Ideal for family, co-workers, couples, or friends who have a desire to learn how to dance in the company of people with whom they feel most comfortable. They offer many of the benefits of private instruction at a more economical price, allowing a high degree of individual attention; and giving you a chance to interact with others at your skill level.

Membership Card Privileges:
Expires 1 year after purchase.

10 Private Lesson Card $720.00
10 Semi-Private Lesson Card $880.00
10 - 45 Minute Lessons

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