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Get in the Swing of things at Dance Class Saskatoon! Saskatoon's most progressive dance studio.

Salsa over to our easy-going, relaxed, facility.

Hustle down to sign up for Programs that will leave you spinning.

Our rates will make you Waltz on air.

Our instructors are experienced, patient, and give you excellent personalized attention so you'll conquer the Samba, Merengue and Foxtrot in no time at all.

Tap into your Latin blood or get Funky. We teach all Styles of Dance. We even create our own dances and teach the latest crazes, such as Swing Hustle.


Give The Gift Of Dance!




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Walk In... Dance Out!

Studio Location
The Saskatoon Field House

Meeting Room #2, 2020 College Drive

Saskatoon, SK S7N 2W4

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Cha-change your dancing for the better and show off your stuff at happening clubs like The Odeon, Buds on Broadway, and dance halls like Danceland and The Manhattan.

Tango your way into great shape and meet new people at practice parties we host each week for students and the public.

Boogie-woogie around as you learn to lead or follow--no partner required--and impress friends and family right away.

This is not your father's dance studio, but a great place to celebrate the best of the past and give that old Jitterbug a fresh spin.

Zoom Lessons by Request

Private Dance Lessons Now Now Available!

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